Crime Prevention website

Why the Crime Prevention Website?

The launch of this site has come at a time of huge reductions in police budgets, which has led to the stripping away of a great deal of the police’s ability to deliver a comprehensive crime prevention service.  These crime prevention staff reductions have not been consistent across all of the UK forces.  A few have maintained a reasonable level of service whilst others have made cuts of up to 75%.  One force has just about done away with a crime prevention service altogether! Add to this the archiving of much of the material on the government’s old crime reduction website and we’re back to the 1970s.

So, although I do not regard this site as being part of the current government’s ‘Big Society’, it certainly does replace some of what’s gone missing and I do hope that my former police colleagues and everybody who visits the site find it useful and sufficiently detailed to help the cause of crime prevention.

The Crime Prevention Website’s objectives

A website of this size has to have some objectives and goals against which I can measure its success and frankly it’s only going to be successful if people visit it and benefit from its content.  None of the objectives listed below are particularly novel, but they are all very achievable with your help.  I have formed a steering group of former police colleagues and academics to help guide the future development of the site, so it isn’t just me doing all the writing.

Objective 1

Provide free, independent, clear and accurate crime prevention advice to all members of our society 

Apart from a forthcoming private forum for professionals in crime prevention the entire website is open access for all.  I have worked hard to provide visitors with the very best advice and I’ll leave it to you to decide whether I have achieved this objective.

If the urge takes you, you can give me feedback by clicking Feedback on this pageat the top right of every page.

Remember, the more people who know about this site and the more visitors it gets, the more useful it will become, so PLEASE TELL YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES ABOUT IT!

Objective 2

Provide a free, online Home Security Survey application

As a retired police officer (See About the author ) who was involved in crime prevention for many years, I see this as a useful tool to support the police crime prevention service at a time when they are being forced to make a great number of redundancies.  I would encourage the police to use and promote this application as a resource for their own staff and the public they serve. (See Home security assessment Section 1 DIY Home security survey )


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